Peter MacKinnon

Law professor at the Université de Cergy-Pontoise law school

I was asked in 1997 to join distinguished academics at Cergy.They invited me to share with the students my practical experience negotiating and drafting contracts as a British lawyer.Then, as I had specialiased in the UK in criminal pleading, I also gave courses in argumentation and debate,followed by The Criminal Law of England & Wales. Finally,as I had been priviledged to work for a business law firm,I also delivered lectures in Anglo-American Business Law.

For me,the work at Cergy has always been stimulating.I find the students courteous, and full of energy.There is a real bounce-back. The UCP Law School is recognised as a centre of excellence by  students, the Ministry of Education, and employers alike. Young, with purpose-built seminar rooms for maximum inter-activity,   our school is dynamic and enterprising. You can see recent programmes (Law and Business Ethics; Financial   Criminal Law; French and European Law taught in English) created to   answer new needs of today’s and tomorrow’s lawyers. The Anglo-Australo-American staff has taught in establishments such as Stanford, and Harvard. And the welcoming, friendly atmosphere at   Cergy creates a prized relationship between staff and students,   where there may be twelve nationalities in one group. To mention only the Paris region, there is an impressive number of   our graduates in the most prestigious law-firms, banks, and companies.

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