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UCP in a few words

UCP is a public Institution and a leading center of teaching and research that welcomes over 1,500 international students from 54 different countries out of a total student body of 17,000. With over 1,000 academic staff, the University offers all levels of undergraduate and post-graduate studies and has been ranked among the 20 best national universities. 144 Degrees are available in all disciplines (except medical studies). The University is divided into 5 departments: Law, Economy and Management, Languages, Literature and Social Sciences, Science and Technology. Exchanges have been developed all over the world with over 135 foreign universities. The University also takes part in the European exchange program and has adopted the ECTS system (European Credit Transfer System) which allows European students to obtain credits in their university for courses taken abroad. UCP has been pointed out as a “Model University” several times by the French government.

UCP's School of Law

The School of Law welcomes near 3,000 students and offers “Licence”, Master and Doctorate Degrees. It is a dynamic and prestigious school ranked 3rd in France by the French Ministry of Education and 1st in Paris and suburbs by “l’Etudiant”, the leading student magazine in France. The School has developed and multiplied international partnerships and exchanges with foreign universities in Europe, the United States and Australia. At the same time it has also developed bilingual degrees in Anglo-American, English, Spanish and German law. In 2009 the School was awarded the prestigious Tocqueville-Fulbright chair and welcomed Professor Louis Wolcher during several months. The School has also developed a field of expertise in combined degrees :

 -          An intensive detailed Master degree in Contracts and Business Law with the major and outstanding business school: ESSEC. This ambitious degree offers students a real specialization and a solid preparation to those who wish to take the Bar Exam or work in major companies.

 -          A Master degree of combined French and German Law with the University of Düsseldorf. This degree is followed alternatively in both Universities. At the end of the fourth year of their studies students are granted the Baccalaureus/Baccalaurea Legum of the University of Düsseldorf and the Bachelor’s degree in Law delivered by UCP.

 -          A joint Master 2 Legal Advisor (DJCE) UCP/ LL.M. in Business VLS (Vermont Law School USA). Each year 4 selected students graduating from DJCE spend a year at VLS in the LL.M. programme. Each year, 4 selected students holding a JD delivered by VLS spend 2 years in the Master programme at UCP. Each student is awarded two qualifications: An LL.M. from VLS and a DJCE Master from UCP. Students can sit for the Bar exams in France and New York.

 -          A joint Master 2 (UCP)/LL.M. (University of Dundee) programme. The programme is unique and offers two qualifications delivered in two semesters.

UCP's School of Law's programs were awarded the highest grades (A to A+) within the national evaluations by the Agency of Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (Ministry of Higher Education and Research).

Full LL.M. program

International exchanges and partnerships have revealed that, for various reasons, foreigners are interested in French and European Union Law. For both students and professionals knowledge of French and European Union Law could be crucial for a successful career. Yet a French Law Degree requires a good level in the French language.

For the first time UCP’s School of Law offers a unique national degree in French and European Union Law taught in English. It is aimed at graduates from non French jurisdictions and foreign professionals settled in France or doing business with French partners eager to acquire a strong background in French and European Union Law.

Applicants may undertake the two distinct semesters over a period of two different academic years. In addition, students who enrol and succeed in only the first semester will receive a University Certificate.

Classes and seminars are taught by academics and by practising lawyers or other professionals. The advantage of such an association is to offer students real contacts both inside the School of Law and among the legal community. Some seminars are taught by and within international firms based in Paris

To ensure quality, the Degree is selective and designed for law students who have a high level of legal studies and a very good level of the English language.

The LL.M. program in French and European Law taught in English offers two specializations:


We recommend very strongly reading the detailed presentation before applying to our full LL.M. program.


LL.M. Brochure for 2013-2014

Dual LL.M. program

The dual LL.M./Master programme is an exciting new venture which brings together two dynamic and highly rated law schools of University of Cergy-Pontoise-France (UCP) and University of Dundee-Scotland (UoD).

Students spend the first semester at UCP and the second semester at UoD.

Students are taught through English by acknowledged experts and gain an in depth knowledge of a wide range of contemporary law subjects from both a common law and civil law perspective. 

The programme is unique and offers two qualifications delivered in two semesters. It is aimed at graduates from non French jurisdictions and foreign professionals settled in France or doing business with French partners eager to acquire a strong background in common law and civil law.

Students enrolled on the dual qualifying LL.M./Master will graduate with an LL.M. in International Commercial Law from UoD and an LL.M. in French and European Union Law taught in English from UCP with two specializations: Business and Taxation Law or Law and Business Ethics.


We recommend very strongly reading the detailed presentation before applying to our Dual LL.M. Program.

Deadline to apply




Please find below all necessary procedures to apply to the Full LL.M. and the Dual LL.M. programmes.

We recommend very strongly the reading of the step by step guide for the Full and Dual LL.M. programs. It contains all useful information regarding visa, housing, administrative procedures. The School of Law can not be held responsible for students whom do not pay careful attention to the information and the steps contained in the guide. 

Download the Application form 2014/2015 for the Full LL.M.:


Download the Application Form 2014/2015 for the Dual LL.M.: 


Download the Step by Step Guide for the For the Full LL.M.:


Download the Step by Step Guide for the Dual LL.M.:


Applications should be sent via email to the following addresses:

Selection procedure

The selection is competitive and based on an examination of the application form. Entry to the LL.M./Master is restricted to applicants with the requisite level of honours or equivalent grades, class ranks or transcripts. The level of English and the applicant’s motivations are important criterions.

The application files are examined on a rolling basis. The application Committee strives to make a decision within two to six weeks after a completed application is received. Consequently, the student who presents a strong application early in the review process has a better chance of admission. Students are encouraged to submit an application as soon as possible.

Students requiring a national degree equivalence are advised to anticipate deadlines and apply accordingly, at the earliest convenience.



  • LL.M. Program Scholarship

To encourage outstanding students to earn a specialization in French and European Union Law, the LL.M. program has initiated a scholarship program designed for students not benefiting from other financial supports. Beginning in Fall 2013, the LL.M. Scholarship is exclusive and can not be combined with other scholarships or financial support. This Scholarship is awarded based on financial needs.

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  • Group TOTAL Scholarships

Our LL.M. programs have been selected bythe group for TOTAL scholarships

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  • UCP's Merit-based Scholarships

UCP awards scholarships based on merit for postgraduate students enrolled in a research-oriented LLM./Master program.

Applications must be sent before May 15th.

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Please read carefully the step by step guide.

LL.M. students are recommended the Neuville-la Boucle de l'Oise residence as the School of Law has pre-booked available rooms.

Students must be advised that they must book their housing as soon as possible as the pre-booked rooms are attributed on a rolling basis upon reception of requests.

Alumni talk about the LL.M.

To see the Alumni pages click here

The LLM has given me a very-useful link between India and Europe. I work now for PXV Law Partners in Mumbai, India. They advise on Indian law and have several Indian and European clients. They also have a best-friend relationship with the French firm DS Avocats. The LLM was really a great opportunity for me to gain foundations of French and European Law.”

Sneha Agnihotri, Class of 2010-2011, PXV Law Partners, Mumbai, India


“The experience I had at the University of Cergy-Pontoise earning an LL.M. meant a great deal to me. It was an enjoyable experience learning about the application of law in a Civil Law country and the European Union and, in general, law itself. It was a great opportunity to meet other law students from all over the world that were open to expressing their points of view."

Shawn Quinn, Class of 2010-2011, U.S. Immigration Attorney, Puteaux, France
Adjunct Professor, University of Cergy-Pontoise, Cergy, France 


"The LL.M. in Business and Taxation Law at UCP was a unique opportunity to study with colleagues from all over the world, sharing experiences in a friendly academic environment. The knowledge of French and European Union Law I gained from the LLM has also increased exponentially my understanding of my own legal system."

Tabir Macedo Filho, Class of 2010-2011, Tax Auditor, Sao Paulo, Brazil


"I am a Dominican lawyer. Also, currently I am part of the LLM  Program at the Université de Cergy-Pontoise. So far it has been a  great experience both personally and professionally. I am focusing  on Taxation Law, what I most like about the program is that it  challenges you to think in a pragmatic manner, it also stretches the  boundaries of your legal skills and abilities. A part from the  courses I am taking, I have been privileged with getting the  opportunity to teach Contract and Company Law to french law  students. Preparing the material for each class has further enhanced  my confidence as a lawyer. It has provided me with an unforgettable  experience of sharing my legal points of view with the students, but  also getting to know each student's way of reasoning. The university  is located close to Paris which has enabled me to to experience live  in  this great city. I would definitely recommend this program  because it provides you with an in depth analysis of both French and  European la

Conrad Pittaluga, Class of 2011-2012, Lawyer, Dominican Republic


"I decided to apply to the LL.M. program at Universite de Cergy-Pontoise after reviewing many LL.M. programs throughout Europe. I was searching for a program which provided a balance between academics and making the most of a new cultural experience. The LL.M. program at Cergy-Pontise accomplishes this. In addition to being able to concentrate my courses in both international business and tax law, I have been able to take French language and legal French courses.  This has added a practical component to my academic experience which will benefit me in years to come.  At the end of day, I feel I am walking away with not just another piece of paper, but with skills which make me more accomplished in my field."

Emily Cajigas, Class of 2011-2012, US JD student




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